Look Right Through Me

An original painting from Ran Stewart

30″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas – Gallery Mat

“Pease is not the absence of chaos but the ability to find calm within it” ~ Sun Tzu

Artist Statement: In much of this collection, I aim to capture our shared experiences – finding peace in chaos, self-acceptance in an indifferent world, and seeking meaning in life. For me, “Look Right Through Me” embodies these themes.

The blurred lines in the painting symbolize how life’s details can get lost, and how individuality can be obscured by societal structures. The title emphasizes this theme, suggesting a plea for recognition in a world that often overlooks the individual.

It is an abstract piece depicting an urban landscape in a rainstorm. I’ve used a limited palette, with dominant colors of blue, black, white, and hints of yellow and red. The strokes hint at buildings, sky, and water reflections.

This painting evokes themes of urban isolation and the fleeting nature of city life. It’s about looking beyond the surface to connect with the deeper realities of our shared human experience.


About the Artist

Picture of Ran Stewart

Ran Stewart


“I love to capture a moment in time, be it passengers waiting for a train, people on crowded street, or a lone figure on a rainy night,” says Stewart. “There is simplicity in a moment, but the complexity of the story it tells is what fascinates me.”

Ran Stewart is a fine artist who works from his studio in Salt Lake City. He has shown work locally and nationally for over 30 years. Most recently several of his pieces have been adopted into the Permanent Utah Artist Collection at the Ray Olpin Union at the University of Utah.  

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