At The End Of The Day

An original painting from Ran Stewart

30″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas – Gallery Mat

“The evening sings in the voice of amber, the dawn is surely coming.” ~Al Stewart

Artist Statement: “At The End of the Day,” is a study in contrast, a stage where the day’s final act unfolds. It’s a time when some find quiet stillness, others feel a sense of solitude, and yet others engage in exuberant celebration. The painting captures this contrast with a palette where cool blues and greys vie with the sun’s last amber rays.

This piece reflects the complex emotions that twilight stirs within us. The solitary figure beneath the red umbrella might be weary, reflective, or finding solace in the day’s end. They stand in a moment of personal reflection, while around them, life’s tempo picks up as others eagerly step into the evenings embrace.


About the Artist

Picture of Ran Stewart

Ran Stewart


“I love to capture a moment in time, be it passengers waiting for a train, people on crowded street, or a lone figure on a rainy night,” says Stewart. “There is simplicity in a moment, but the complexity of the story it tells is what fascinates me.”

Ran Stewart is a fine artist who works from his studio in Salt Lake City. He has shown work locally and nationally for over 30 years. Most recently several of his pieces have been adopted into the Permanent Utah Artist Collection at the Ray Olpin Union at the University of Utah.  

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