Before It Changed

An original painting from Ran Stewart

24″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas – Gallery Mat

“The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-“In the soft whispers of rain, each step forward is a memory held in the colors of time before everything changed.” – Unknown


ARTIST STATEMENT: In this evocative painting, I am inspired by the esthetic of the 1940s. In a rain-soaked street in Paris, a woman, her silhouette graceful and resolute, strides forward under the shelter of her umbrella. The raindrops cascade around her, each one a memory etched in time.

In the distance, sailors—perhaps returning from war—gaze upon her with admiration. Their uniforms evoke a sense of duty and honor. Their eyes follow her, drawn to her strength and vulnerability.

The muted palette of sepia tones and navy blues conjures nostalgia, as if the rain itself holds secrets of bygone days. The cobblestone street, slick with rain, reflects the shimmering city lights, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

“Before It Changed” captures a moment suspended in time—a woman’s power, grace, and resilience amid the rain, while sailors stand as silent witnesses to her enigmatic journey.


About the Artist

Picture of Ran Stewart

Ran Stewart


“I love to capture a moment in time, be it passengers waiting for a train, people on crowded street, or a lone figure on a rainy night,” says Stewart. “There is simplicity in a moment, but the complexity of the story it tells is what fascinates me.”

Ran Stewart is a fine artist who works from his studio in Salt Lake City. He has shown work locally and nationally for over 30 years. Most recently several of his pieces have been adopted into the Permanent Utah Artist Collection at the Ray Olpin Union at the University of Utah.  

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