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Art on display from October 2015 – February 2016

Artist Reception:  October 16th, 2015 from 7-9pm

Artist Ran Stewart will be the featured artist in the main lobby of the Hotel Monaco. On display will be work from his recent collection “No Ordinary Moment.” The work will be on display from October 15th 2015 through January 30th 2016. There will be an artist reception on October 16th from 7-9pm in the main lobby.

The work captures everyday moments and highlights the sublime beauty all around us. Many of the pieces explore the human element within the ever moving and changing cityscape. Each piece explores our modern world and how we interact with it.

The images are a de-focused, high key interpretation of what we see everyday. The blurred motion imparts the energy of the moment from the simplicity being on an escalator, walking through a busy airport terminal, or entering the street from a subway. If we step out of the frame for a moment all the stress of a commute for example becomes a beautiful ballet.

Each piece begins with a still frame capture from simple videos shot from a cell phone. The artist then paints the impression of these images in high chroma key with a very limited palette. The overall effect is one that visually stimulating and forces the viewer to interpret what they are seeing through a different perspective.

As part of a new program the Hotel Monaco is now featuring local Utah artists and participates in the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll

“It is an exciting place to show my work,” says Stewart. “The lobby of the Hotel is a beautiful backdrop that helps viewers feel at home seeing the art. It is an inviting space and such a huge benefit to the Salt Lake art community.”

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