Artist Philosophy

Bringing together a singular vision on paper, canvas, or in bronze is exhilarating feeling. Each creative feat from the simple drawing to the most complex painting is a stepping stone in an artist’s life. These steps tell the artist’s story of where the’ve been and where they are, but most importantly where they are going.

Please take some time and enjoy the steps I’ve laid out before you. If you find one of the pieces speak to you, I hope you decide to make it part of your life’s journey.

Buying original art from the artist directly is an amazing experience that connects you to the piece and to the artist. I look forward sharing my vision with you.

A self taught artist, I started painting as a boy, completing my first piece at the age of nine. Since that time, I have traveled many roads. I have tried to lay down my brush easel believing I wanted a “normal” life. I am always drawn back though, an unwitting captive to the mistress of art.

I have a bachelors degree from Utah State University, there I studied Psychology and Communication. My only connection with the art department was being the undraped model. I learned a great deal about art observing those classes. So it is safe to say I acquired my skill ‘au natural’.

In truth I’ve always hid away from my calling. Now, after so many attempts to leave it behind, I have stopped and recognized that I am an artist. Flooded with passion and persistent images I have no choice but make them a reality. I call my work sentient art because it is as much about the emotional aesthetic as it is about form, balance, and technique.

Enjoy the work, and please send me your compliments, and if you must your criticism. Contact me.